Ceramic core review

Ceramic core review

I bought this ceramic core from a seller in Sulit. The ceramic core that I bought looks the same as the one advertised on tv. The price of the ceramic  core I bought is almost 1/3 of the original price as shown on tv. The seller’s advertisement on Sulit said that the ceramic core is priced at  950 peso for a 5 piece set. What they mean is that you will have 3 pans and 2 covers a total of 5 pieces , not 5 SETS…just a clarification for those who will buy online.

Upon receiving the item the first thing I have noticed is that some excess red paint from the pan is peeling off… just minimal though.

I use it to cook fried pork, fried rice,  shrimp, etc… the cleaning is just a breeze just wipe it  or pass it on running water and it’s clean.  Just one reminder, after cooking tocino or maybe even longganisa don’t leave the pan unclean overnight  it will really stick on the pan and even after cleaning the pan smudges will be seen on it. Aside from that after about a month of use and abuse the pan is still in its immaculate white color…

Ceramic core pan

 Ceramic core cover



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