Angel Locsin donating her Chevrolet Chevelle for typhoon Yolanda’s victim

Angel Locsin donating her Chevrolet Chevelle

Her name is not Angel for no reason.  My dream girl shows her compassion for the victim of typhoon Yolanda by auctioning her very own Chevrolet Chevelle.  As per news, she wanted the auction of her car to be anonymous but due to some blind items and netizens that persistent in connecting the dots  have unravelled the true owner of the Cheverolet Chevelle and it is non other that Ms. Angel Locsin.

Ms. Angel Locsin’s  attitude in helping without  bragging is very admirable it is a good thing that the Chevrolet Chevelle is now associated with her this would certainly increase the value of the car especially who ever will be the owner of the new Chevrolet Chevelle  can brag , “ Bro, sinakyan ito ni Angel Locsin, ngayon siya naman sinasakyan ko…!”  Double meaning , naughty but the big idea is your somewhat helping Yolanda’s vi ctim by acquiring this Muscle car from Ms. Angel Locsin… So let’s the bidding begin…

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