ALABONG – diuretic




Parietaria microphylla Linn.

Pilea muscosa Lindl.

Local names: Alabong (Ig.).


Alabong is found in and about towns, on damp walls, etc., throughout the Philippines. It is a native of tropical America, and is now found in most tropical countries.

It is a small, soft, smooth herb, 10 centimeters or less in height. The stems are slender, green with a tint of purple, and angular. The leaves occur in two rows, are petioled, somewhat elliptical in shape, and 2 to 5 millimeters in length. The flowers are very small and crowded and occur in small inflorescences (cymes) which are greenish or tinged with red and less than 1 millimeter in length.

Bruntz and Jaloux report that the entire plant is official in the Mexican (4) Pharmacopoeia.

According to Guerrero the entire plant in infusion is used as a diuretic. De Grosourdy reports that in the Antilles a decoction of the roots sweetened is prescribed also as a diuretic



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