Apply for cash loan scam?

Just receivethis text from 0925800898_ :

3yr credit card holder fr any bank apply for cash loan! As low as 1.2% a month. 02-208740_    Kate

Sammer? I am not sure but it is an unsolicited text message so , i just ignore it and categorize it as a scammer…

Cancer Cure text scam

Just receive this text from a certain  0943253958_ , i leave the last number blank for legal purpose: Continue reading “Cancer Cure text scam”

Text scammer 0920358688_

A typical text scammer message from 0920358688_ :

kmusta n kau jab e2 n nga plabgo roaming #  q.

nblock kc ung dati qng zim. wg n kau ttxt don kc wla n un!

ingat kau plage at miz q nkau., txtbck