Mulching arrests uneven fruit ripening in durian, study reveals.

Quality and quantity are the keywords that out an industry ahead of its competitors. Though there is increased demand for durian ( durio zibethinus ) in the world markets due largely to its rich and exotic taste, – the country has been unable to tap this opportunity for export earnings as the local industry is hampered by limited production of high-quality durian.

The durian production industry has been incurring losses due largely to a physiological disorder appearing in the fruits. Known as uneven fruit ripening (UFR), this disease is characterized by a hardened leathery aril, and a whitish color, odourless and tasteless pulp. It normally occurs when the fruits are about to ripen and remains invisible until the fruits are opened.

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Durian Pastillas

Durian pastillas



4 cups durian pulp

2 cups evaporated milk

4 cups sugar



Stainless carajay

Wooden spoon

Measuring cups

Measuring spoon

Mixing bowl



1.       Mix the milk and sugar.

2.       Cook over low fire, stirring constantly until the mixture is about to thicken

3.       Add durian pulp and continue stirring until the mixture forms into a hard ball.


Reference: The Philippines recommends for fruit processing and utilization


Source: Marid Agri

Durian : King of tropical fruit

Durian : King of tropical fruit


Durian(Durio zibethinus murr,)is an exotic  fruit popularly known as the “King of tropical fruits.” One of the most highly valued and most desired seasonal fruits in Southeast Asia, the fruit has a pungent odor but is nevertheless delicious.

Durian pulp and seeds are very nutritious and are important sources of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. The seeds contain pure starch.

The pup or aril of ripe fruits is usually eaten fresh and is known as a delicacy. It is claimed to have pronounced aphrodisiac quality. Durian may also be processed  into jam, preserve, candy, filling for jelly roll or used as ice cream flavoring.

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