Alibungog herbal medicine




Ehretia beurreria Blanco

Ehretia blancoi A. DC.


Local names: Aliboñgog (Ism.); alibuñgog (C. Bis.); anonangin (Bik.); bayukon (Tag.); halimumog (Tag.); kalamuñgog (P. Bis.); kutup (Sul.); liñguñgug (Mbo.); ludungla (Bon.); salimomo (Tag.); talibobong (Bik.).


Alibuñgog is an endemic species found in thickets and forest at low and medium altitudes from the Babuyan Islands and northern Luzon to Palawan and Mindanao.


This is a small tree growing to a height of 5 meters or more with crooked branches and smooth and slender branchlets. The leaves are alternate, oblong-ovate to broadly lanceolate, about 10 centimeters long and 4.5 centimeters wide, entire, pointed at the tip, and somewhat rounded at the base. The inflorescences are usually terminal, and most equal the leaves in length. The flowers are white and fragrant, and clustered upon short pedicels. The calyx is small and ovately segmented. The corolla is somewhat enlarged at the cylindric base, with its narrow lobes ultimately reflexed. The fruit is rounded, about 3 millimeters in diameter, juicy, and orange with a reddish tinge when mature. Continue reading “Alibungog herbal medicine”

Alas doce herbal medicine






Local names: Alas doce (Sp., Tag.); brown Indian hemp (Engl.).


Alas doce is occasionally planted for ornamental purposes but is scarcely naturalized. It has been found only in Bontoc and Pangasinan Provinces, and in Manila. It is a native of the Old World and is pantropic in cultivation.


This is a herb with smooth and prickly stems. The lower leaves are entire and heart-shaped and the upper ones are deeply palmately-lobed. The sepals are bristly, lanceolate, and connate below the middle, with a gland at the back of each leaves. The corolla is large, spreading and yellow with a crimson center. The capsules are rounded and bristly. The seeds are nearly smooth.

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Agoho herbal medicine






Local names: Ago (Ibn., Neg.); agoho (Tag., Ilk., Bis., Bik.); agoo (Pang., Ilk., Kuy.); agoko (Pang.); ago-o (Ilk.); agoso (Pang., Tag.); ague (Ibn.); alaut (Bon.); antong (Is.); aro (Ilk.); aroho (Ilk., Ting.); aya (Bis.); karo (Ilk.); mahohok (Mbo.); malabohok (Bis.); maribuhok (Bis.); iron wood, Queensland swamp oak (Engl.); taraje, taray (Sp.).

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