Plastic in fake rice

According to DOH the three chemical that is found in the “fake rice” are commonly used chemical for Pharmaceutical drugs and they are polyvinyl alcohol, cedrol and dibutyl phthalate. As per DOH this chemical are not harmful if taken in “small dose”.
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Kenzo and Bailey’s bromance

ABS CBN shutdown its PBB 737 livestreaming to “Protect” the contestant from malicous netizens that maligns the reputation of the housemates.

It all started with the closeness of Kenzo and Bailey, even in live broadcast of ABS CBN of the PBB 737 you could see them holdings hands and a bit close to one another. The situation becomes aggravated when in a particular livestream Kenzo asked Bailey to have its brief as a souvenir (ment as a joke ) on which Bailey replied , yes you can… i give you the stained ones….

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Former Ginebra Import Jackson Vroman found dead

The prolific import and embodiment of the Never Say Die spirit of Brgy Ginebra was found dead in his swimming pool. Continue reading “Former Ginebra Import Jackson Vroman found dead”

Synthetic rice found in Philippine Market

A synthetic rice is a mixture of cassava and industrial grade resin . It was first reported in China way back 2011.

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