What is a scientific method?

What is a scientific method?
Scientific method is a way of answering/ giving solution to a problem in the most efficient and logical way.

Steps of scientific method

Observation –  these involves our senses  and making a remark , statement or comment regarding the subject/object.

Identification of the problem – After a thorough  observation one can then identify  a problem on which you are determined to solve or investigate.

Gather Information-  Upon identification of the problem it is prudent to read articles, stories , journals, books, word of mouth regarding your topic/ problem.

Formulate a hypothesis – this is a intellectual guess/scientific guess of the possible outcome  or a general  statement that would likely explain the observed events.

Test your hypothesis – this is done by doing experiments or gathering data that will validate your hypothesis.

Analyze and drawing conclusion- in these steps the hypothesis will be rejected or accepted depending on the interpretation  of results gathered from the test that have done to the hypotheses.

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