Tilapia king of Nueva Ecija

Magno Velayo:

Tilapia king of Nueva Ecija

By: Lito R.Cruz





TEN YEARS AGO, farmer businessman Ma gno Velayo of Gapan tried his hand in fish farming. He had money to invest and unbounded enthusiasm. Know-how in fish culture he had none at all. Consequently, the business failed and lost P 60,000.


Fortunately, he had other sources of income. Velayo,who only reached the sixth grade but who has risen to become one of Gapan’s most prominent and affluent residents, has large rice farms in several barrios has his family owns a rice mill.


Two years ago, enticed by a priest-fishfarmer in a neighboring town, he decided to raise tilapia again. This time, he sought advice of fisheries experts at the Central Luzon State University in Muñoz.


He succeeded far beyond his – snd everybody’s – expectations. Today, the 52-year –old fishfarmer bids fair to become the nation’s crowned “tilapia king.” In Nueva Ecija, he has no rival. Continue reading “Tilapia king of Nueva Ecija”