Plants – Possible Sources of Energy

Plants – Possible Sources of Energy

There are many plants where we can derive energy not only as fuel but also as raw materials

for power generation such as oil, sap or turpentine. These could be processed into petroleum,

gasoline and related products. Some of these plants are:


1. Petroleum fruit — this is commonly called abkol, oil, dingo, sagaga and salkel. The plant

generally grows in Cebu, Bicol, Palawan, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Viscaya and Benguet.

– The fruit can be used for medicine aside from fuel. 52 grams of concentrated oil can be

taken from a kilo of this fruit and another 16 grams of oil can be expelled when the residue is


– According to Phil. Pigment and Resin Corporation diagnosis, the fruit contains 12.35 of

leptine (one of the elements of gasoline) of oil.

– The plants can be propagated through seeds and twigs.


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