Avian Influenza and Selenium

What is the Relationship Between Se and Avian Influenza?


Scientists say the selenium revolution has stimulated new research and provided practical applications in medicine and agriculture

By Peter Surai




Among many minerals selenium has a special place being the most controversial trace element. Indeed a narrow gap between essentiality and toxicity and environmental issues from the one hand and global selenium deficiency from the other hand, fuel research in this field. There were several breakthroughs in selenium research. The first one was a discovery a Se essentially in early 1960th. The second was a discovery of gluthathione peroxidase being a selenoprotein in 1973. The third one came almost 30 years later with characterization of main selenoproteins in human and animal body and further understanding the role of selenium in nutrition and health. Indeed, this third breakthrough is really a selenium revolution creating many hypotheses, stimulating new research and providing practical applications in medicine and agriculture. Continue reading “Avian Influenza and Selenium”