Quail raising

Small in Size, Big in Profit


Learn how one man turned his way around from smalltime backyard businessman to Central Luzon’s main man in quail egg trading.


For the past decade, the quail industry in the Philippine has become more than just a backyard business because of its economical production cost and easy-to-learn raising techniques. Global standards of the proper management of these birds are exercised both in Europe and Asia, where quails mostly thrive-giving Filipinos the freehand to adapt new methods and techniques imported from European and American countryside.

While the French and Italians take delight on serving quail meat on their dining tables, Asians variedly sell fresh, packed, shelled, canned or boxed quail eggs-considerably a scrumptious entrée and a well-known ingredient for masterpiece like cakes, mayonnaise, breads, leche flan and other pastries. Nowadays, we enjoy it through what we call kwek-kwek.

Though not as massively money-spinning like other major poultry industries, it can be a sound source of income, too. Manny Castillo of MS Castillo Trading is an active testament of its prosperity.

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