Pinoy big brother scripted?

Netizens are accusing the show Pinoy big brother of rigging the selection process that  even before the audition started they believe that the  line up for the show is already chosen.  They are crying foul against the producer of the show. Some are very dishearten  to know that their sacrifices to queue in line under the heat of the sun is just taken for granted, the effort to wake up early and travel for almost 12 hours by land is just being ignored for  the sake of ratings. Some wanna be contestant even  reveal that during the audition they are being asked if what agency are they from as if that insinuating that they can have a greater chance to be selected if they have an agency backer.

What prompted the netizens  to think that Pinoy big brother is scripted or rigged is the line up they have chosen. Most of the contestant are good looking and pretty, the likes that could be a potential next big star or teen sensation. Comparing it to the first pinoy big brother on which you can see regular people just wanting to win the grand prize. Continue reading “Pinoy big brother scripted?”