LSU expert develop new harvesting tools for sweet potato

So much for laborious and slow harvesting methods. Sweet potato farmers in the country can now look forward to a more productive enterprise with the development of a tractor drawn harvester.

Alan Loreto and Manolo Loreto Jr. Researchers of the Philippine Rootcrop Research Training Center (PRCRTC) in Leyte State University (LSU) came up with this harvester featuring a single-row vine cutter and digger after a uear of research in their Bureau of Agricultural Research funded project.

Initial on-station trials revealed that at 1,300 rp the vine cutter could effectively eliminate unwanted vines, leaving only the stalk close to the sweet potato roots to facilitate easier digging. The researchers computed the vine cutter capacity at 1.33 hectares per day at a speed of 2 km per hour.

Morever, the single-row sweet potato digger, another feature of this tractor-drawn harvester, could harvest 1.08 hectares per day at 2 km per hour. The researchers likewise noted that this digger could harvest sweet potato roots with minimal damage on them.

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