2 Faces of my Girlfriend part 1 – movie


Guchang is 23 years old, never been kissed and never have done the “deed”. He is a typical bum with no lovelife at all. Until one day he picks up a purse, which leads him to it’s owner in a not so very typical way. The owners name is Ani, a very sweet, charming and a little odd.  He falls inlove with Ani. In one of there drinking session Ani becomes rude and war freak, only then he founds out that Ani is suffering from a multiple personality disorder caused by a tragic memory between her and his boyfriend. Hani the warfreak personality of Ani keeps on popping out in untimely situations. And to add more weirdness to the current situation Ani and Hani  just the alter ego of Yuri, the true person behind Ani and hani.