Bamboo growing

Bamboo Growing

If you’re convinced of the potentials of bamboo growing, the  following procedure should help you get started. Let us assume that you have a one-hectare lot. It can be less but the important thing is to be close to sources of water, the soil should be sandy loam and well drained. Stake the area at a spacing of 8 meters by 8 meters. Remove weeds and other vegetation that may compete with the bamboo.


The next  step is to prepare planting stocks for direct out-planting. They can be obtained from the butt to the middle portion of one-to-two-year old culms. These culms should have undisturbed, fresh buds. Branches can also be used as planting stocks, although they should be treated with Hormex to induce rooting.


If you decide to use branches as planting stock, these must first be planted in 6 inches by 8 inches plastic bags containing topsoil. The branches  should stay in a plant nursery for about 6 to 10 months with only 50 percent sunlight. Watering should be done daily.


Should you use two node cuttings, collect them one day before outplanting, preferably in the afternoon. Use a hand-saw for cutting and keep them under cover with moist cloth. About 156 planting stocks will be enough for a one hectare area.


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