Kat Alano on Forbidden Question

Kat Alano is maybe the most beautiful Bisexual in Philippine Showbiz while guesting in Mo Twister’s Forbidden Questions a lot has been revealed:

1.  She and Mo had sexual/drank sexual encounters in the past.

2. Mo Twister had sex with an ex of JC de Vera

3. Allegedly Sen. Jinggoy Estrada is gay….

4. Kat Alano had seen all Mo’s sex video

5. Mo and DJ Tina Ryan had done it before…

6.  Kat Alano have a sex video

7. John Lloyd Cruz party hard as per Mo twister

8. Victor Basa is stupid -as per Kat Alano

9. Sam Pinto is stupid- as per Mo twister

10. Mo had banged a tomato and banana

11. Kat Alano turned down Apl De Ap

12. Kat Alano owned 6 “Personal toys” at one time.

For the whole story just watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN55HrpEW3I