Kat Alano raped by Vhong Navarro?

During the time Deniece Cornejo accused Vhong Navarro of rape  Kat Alano twitted something in defense “for rape victims”.  Netizen defended Vhong Navarro against Kat Alano’s twit calling her hoar, social climber, riding on publicity etc..  What really caught the attention of everyone is the statement Kat Alano said that she was raped 9 years ago and to quote what she twitted

“Justice from the universe. Thank you. After 9 years. Karma people. Don’t ever underestimate it. Just be patient. The truth always comes out.”

” A rapist who gets away with raping once will rape again. And again. You think they stop because they feel bad? Protect yourself from ignorance.”

Because as a culture we usually  connects everything a theory floating around that probably Kat Alano was raped by Vhong Navarro, as netizens believe 9 years ago Kat Alano worked in a certain show in ABS CBN .