I bought today a DTC GT7, if you will read my previous post about  DTC GT5 and DTC GT3  you will notice that the DTC GT7 have some similarities or let us just say a minor upgrade of sort from this two cellphone.

DTC GT7 have  a 5 megapixel camera same as the DTC GT3. The processor of DTC GT7 is 1 ghz  single core like the DTC GT5 although unlike the GT5 which is a Mediatek MT 6515 the DTC GT7 have a spreadtrum sc6820 processor.  The design is an adaptation of both DTC GT3 and GT5 . The location of  power button and the lower touch pad is similar with GT3 while the speaker and silver lining on the chasis/ body mold is similar with DTC GT5.

The real upgrade of DTC GT7 is on its screen size which 4.3 inches and the ram which is  512 mb.  Screen resolution of 800x 400 , hdpi 240 and cellphone can be use as a wlan hotspot…

The not so good side of the phone… 2g connectivity only no 3g.  Power button is difficult to press and it is very annoying especially for a person with big fingers like me.

Here is the Antutu Benchmark for DTC GT7

RAM 446
CPU 587

The Antutu Benchmark for DTC GT5 is way more higher.. i am not a techie guy but maybe the low score is due to the bigger screen of DTC GT 7 and the processor per see, mediatek compared to  spreadtrum.

I would try update this later or in the coming days…

Sad to say but i need to return this phone tomorrow. The charger is busted,  while charging i heard a “POP” sound and the led of the charger unlit.