Siling Labuyo

Siling Labuyo

The scientific name of siling labuyo is Capsicum frutescens. Other names includes: Cayenne, chile, chile pepper, chileng bundok, chili, kasira, katumbal, kitikot, lada, lara, paktiu, pasitis, red pepper, rimorino, sili, siling palai, silit-diablo, Spanish epper.

It is an erect, branched, half woody herb. The leaves are oblong ovate to ovate-lanceolate, 3-10 cm long with pointed tip. The flowers may be solitary or may occur several in each leaf axii with pale green to yellowish green color. The fruit is green and turns red when ripe. It has a very sharp taste.

It is cultivated and also found in open waste places in settled areas.

It is propagated by seeds.



Source: Guide on the Proper use of medicinal plants