Animal Feeds dealership – Poultry Supply

In the province it is common to see animal feeds vendors or Agricultural and Poultry supplier. As we all know animal feeds like swine, poultry, duck, quail, and fish is very in demand there.

So, how could we be a dealer of a feed company and how do we earn from the feeds?

In some big feed company they require a would be distributor to make a bond/collateral before they can sell their product. Also, the company will require you a certain minimum bags per month which you can only sale at a specified area. Example, they will give you the right to sell their feeds in San miguel Bulacan but you need to sell about 10,000 bags per month. 10, 000 is a huge volume but as a distributor you could then create your downline or dealer. Now, you’re dealer will be the one that will sell the product in a specified barangay. You could also give your dealer a target minimum volume per month. Continue reading “Animal Feeds dealership – Poultry Supply”