Sumosam franchise

Sumosam franchise


The exciting and rewarding Sumosam francise belongs to a chosen few who share our passion for quality

service restaurant operation. We will be selective in choosing our franchise partners as well as the location, to ensure our combined success. Priority will be given to the hardworking, determined and resilient – qualities that make up a sumo wrestler.. or a Japanese warrior.


Why go for a Sumosam franchise?


Strong band

Sumosam is well-loved and recognized  by its customers. We are armed with 7 years of combined successful restaurant experience.


Exciting dishes

Sumosam offers high quality Japanese food, creatively and freshly made by our top chef team. Our expanded menu and signature Japanese dishes drive higher average receipts. New offerings and promotions drive repeat business and customer loyalty.


Solid performance

Franchisees will enjoy a strong and consistent record of profitability and sales growth due to strong branding and mall positioning.


Total Support

Franchisees will get their hands on support from our committed franchise team who will make sure you achieve optimum results.


Sumosam franchie package:


Total investment: 6.5 million pesos

Franchise fee- 1.5 million

Site selection and evaluation guidance

Architectural design and construction

Pre opening and start up assistance

Training and operations guidance

Franchise operations manual

Grand opening

Advertising, local marketing support

Field visits and continuing guidance


Location requirement: average of 120 square meter commercial space preferably located in major shopping malls and restaurant hubs.


Source:sumosam brochure


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  1. is the 1.5M franchise fee included already in the Total investment of 6.5M? How long is the franchise term? How much is the royalty fee and advertising fee? What is the ave. ROI? How long is the franchisee’s training?

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