Shaiya model –ToyCon 2011

Shaiya model –ToyCon 2011


There are a lot of people whispering during the ToyCon 2011 asking , “Sino siya?”  referring to the girl in white dress, the model of Shaiya.

Definitely a stunner and innocent looking lady… She poses for the cameras professionally and playfully.

Thanks to google and facebook I have manage to search her name…. Gwyneth Ceridwen P.  Dela-Cruz.

What surprises me more is that Ms. Gwyneth Ceridwen Dela Cruz is also an FHM model.

 An innocent looking girl posing for a male magazine, definitely this girl is every man’s fantasy…


Gwen Ceridwen Dela Cruz


Gwen Dela Cruz


shaiya model

Gwen Dela Cruz - Shaiya Model

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