Seven something

 seven something

Seven something

Every seven years something changes…  The movie is divided in 3 stories namely 14,  21/28,  42.195

14- – Love at the digital age… Teens now are social network creatures. They share almost everything in the social network. They shoot and upload, type and post. Where does the demarcation between public and private lies, when does cuteness ends and rudeness start… when we are in love do we need to show it to the world?  These is Puan’sand Milk’s reality…

21/28 –  Mam and Jon are both 28 years old, they used to be lovers 7 years ago, hence the title 21/28.  Mam is searching for Jon because the sequel  for “Sea you” entitled “Sea you again” will start and the only way that Mam could have the lead role is if Jon will accept the lead actor role.  “Sea you” was a huge success for them and also it is the reason they have fallen in love. Would “Sea you again” can revive their acting caring and so their long lost love for one another?

42.195 – This is the official Olympic distance of a marathon also the age of the female lead is 42.  At 42, depressed and lonely until she meet a young man (24 yrs old). A marathon enthusiast who became her jogging buddy. As they run together they become closer together. But her past is hunting her, the demised of her late husband and her promise to never love anyone else…

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