Sanyo VPC-E2 review

[youtube CBIxHyNiltQ]

Sanyo VPC-E2

Summer is now here and for sure many of us would like to go to beaches. Do some swimming, snorkeling, and partying.

Would it be a delight if you could carry a handy camcorder that could take picture in land and water.

Here is where Sanyo VPC-E2 fits your lifestyle. It is designed to meet IPX8 standard for waterproof on which it could record movies even if the camcorder is submerged 5 feet underwater. Although there is a catch, as per manufacturers’ instruction it could only be submerged for 30 minutes.

IN terms of picture quality it supports 8 megapixels and it has an image stabilizer so picture would look professionally taken.

It has 5x optical zoom and an additional 12x digital zoom.  A video out so you could transfer the data to a tape recorder or simply watch it in your boob tube with the family.

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