Roxanne Cabanero filed Rape Charges against Vhong Navarro

Roxanne Cabanero joined the 2011 Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant only to be later on be disqualified due to nude pictures of her that circulated the net, this is according to reports that circulated the net.  Some sites quoted that Roxanne Cabanero denied that she is the girl in the picture and she was not disqualified but she withdraw from the pageant.

Some netizen believes that this is just a demolition job by the camp of Cedrick Lee and Deniece Cornejo .

The allegedly nude picture of Roxanne Cabanero had a big watermark on it, the word “manila amateur’ . Looking or searching the net about “Manila Amateur” you could find a lot of picture of girls in their birthday dress and accordingly most of them are based on Cebu as to their claim or as per identification of different netizen from cebu.

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