Recycling Banana peel

Bit of Imagination Turns Banana Peel to Big Savings

Do you know that banana peel can be made into wine, vinegar and even banana sauce? Through the National Institute of Science and Technology, TRC shares with you three (3) procedures of banana peel recycling. With a little imagination and wise use of free time, a family can generate savings and perhaps earn a little from this garbage-recycling.


Recycling 1


Here’s a tested recipe that will produce a good kind of wine:

1.       Slice a kilo of banana peel and boil in four cups of water.

2.       Extract the juice from the peel by squeezing it through cheesecloth and add a cup of sugar to the extract.

3.       Heat the mixture and add ¼ teaspoon ammonium sulfate. Cool, and then add wine yeast.

4.       Allow the mixture to ferment for eight days. Through the biochemical process of fermentation, the yeast enzymes will convert the sugar in the mixture into ethyl alcohol. (The ideal alcohol content of the fermented mixture should be 11 to 12 percent.)


Recycling 2


This vinegar-making procedure should prove to be a very simple activity:

1.       Slice a kilo of banana peel and boil in four cups of water. Extract the juice and filter through cheesecloth. Then add ¾ sugar and ¼ teaspoon ammonium sulfate. (Ammonium sulfate will supplement the little amount of nitrogen in the peel.)

2.       Cool the mixture, and then add one teaspoon baker’s yeast. Allow the mixture to ferment for eight days.

3.       Pour one cup of vinegar starter (available at NIST at Pedro Gil St. formerly Herran St. cor Taft Ave., Manila)

4.       Set aside at room temperature and allow to ferment for another 27 days. Bottle and age the vinegar.


Recycling 3


The banana sauce produced through the following procedure can take the place of known catsup brands:

1.       Wash one kilo of banana peel and remove the fiber-like and string-like parts in the inside side of the peel. Slice into fine bits (this would be about 5 cups). Then blanch in boiling water for ten minutes.

2.       Add one cup water to every 2-1/2 cups of sliced banana peel. Blend or mash into a puree or a thick liquid, then strain through clean cheesecloth.

3.       Prepare the following ingredients in another pot: 12 tablespoons sugar, 9 tablespoons vinegar and spices desired for every kilo of banana peel puree. Simmer for 10 minutes with the pot cover on.

4.       Boil the puree in the spiced vinegar and sugar syrup, continuously stirring until the mixture is thick in consistency.

5.       Add ¼ teaspoon sodium benzoate for every four cups of cooked banana peel sauce.

6.       Pour the hot mixture into bottles and seal. Soak the filled up bottles in hot water for minutes. Cool and store the bottles.



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  1. thank you for the information pero gusto ko sanang malaman kung sino nagimbento ng wine gamit ang banana peel for our research…t.y

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