Queen Seon Deuk Story

Queen Seon Deuk story

Mishil aspire to be the Empress of Shilla. She is a very cunning woman and very influential. She had poisoned King  Jinheung and she even manage to dethrone its successor King Jinji and proclaimed King Jinpyeong as the successor.

The faith of the entire Kingdom lies on the hand of 2 prophecy one on which states that when a King have a twin child then all male line will vanish. Another prophecy states that if the 7 star of the big deeper becomes eight a child will be born which could fight Mishil.  Deokman and Cheonmyung, the King Jinppyeong’s  twin was entangled in both prophecy. To save the royal family and deokman’s life from Mishil anger the King sent away Deokman and keep silent about the twin’s birth. 

The first prophecy comes to reality and all the male in the King’s line died. Deokman unaware of her real identity have managed to come back to Shilla  posing as a male and  becomes a  royal soldier. Upon knowing her real identity she used and twist  the 2nd prophecy to reclaim her rightful status, this enrages Mishil.   The battle between Deokman and Mishil intensify further when Deokman declared that she will be the King of Shilla.

In the  end Deokman, now known as Queen Seon Deuuk managed to become the 27th  King of Shilla but in doing so, she have sacrifice herself, love life and few others .

One thought on “Queen Seon Deuk Story”

  1. ganda nito panoorin nyo ang Queen Seon Duk. Kung nainlove kayo sa istorya ni Jumong at Seosono. O kinilig kay Jang Geum at Kapitan.

    Mas mamahalin nyo si Yushin Rang at Seon Duk.

    Every episode suspense talaga.

    At maging kayo as viewer mapapaisip kung ano na ang susunod na hakbang ni Seon duk at Mishil. Psywar ang dating

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