Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap

Quantum leap is an sci-fi show in the late 80’s , it made Scott Bakula an instant Geek/Nerd icon.   A proof of him being a geek /nerd icon until this day is his inclusion as the father of Chuck and inventor of “the intersect “ in the hit series “Chuck”.

Quantum Leap is about Sam Beckett an astrophysicist  that travelled back through time appearing or embodying  on someone else life just to fix or correct  what ever went wrong to that person or the people around him / her.  After only completing his task he could leap to another time line whether forward/to the future o backward/to past all of which is beyond his control.   He just wishes that one day God will put him back in is proper time line. In his journey, he is being assisted by Al, a fellow scientist that appears on Sam as a hologram that only he can see.

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