Philippine’s as a wifi country

This project by ICTO-DOST i think started way back 2012 and around 2013 trials were done in  visaya’s region. They used  the TVWS or television white space, this a part of the television frequency which is unused.  This unused  frequency will be the backbone of the  wifi signal.

To carry out the government plan to  make the Philippine’s as a wifi country is a bit ambitious .
Assuming they can create this wifi system all over the country  the next problem would be maintenance. It is probable that they will asked local government to shoulder the maintenance and operation of the project on which poorer municipalities might continue the project or just let it die on its own… It is a matter priorities, would a poor municipality will fund it or just fund projects that are income generating for their community. So, let’s pray that the government will maintain this project.

Para ba akong talangka? nanghihila pababa? Actually, i do agree na needed ng government intervention para maging Philippines wifi country or even wired country tayo. I just believe na their is a better way to do it. Just take for example others countries move to make them internet ready, others ang ginawa binigyan ng loan ang mga telco’s para i-wired ang buong bansa nila, other country naman ang government ang gumawa ng backbone then pinarentahan sa private sector. I think this is better rather than using tvws pero dahil andyan na yan let’s hope for the best na lang for the Philippines.



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