Other Means of Fertilizing the Soil

Other Means of Fertilizing the Soil


1.       Planting Legumes: Plant mongo, soybeans, ipil-ipil, or similar legumes in areas where other plants are growing. After harvesting the fruits of these legumes, their roots leave nutrients in the soil that will benefit the next crop to be planted in their place, such as rice, corn, sugar cane, pineapple or the like. The plants to be grown in this place must be rotated as some plants use more of certain soil nutrients than others do. In this way, a rotation of different crops will be using the nutrients to the best  advantage.


2.       Applying compost

Use decomposed farm wastes. A hectare of rice field can give four(4) tons of straw – more than necessary to make compost for a two (2) hectare plantation.


Material for making compost may be:


– farm wastes: leaves, straw, hull, grasses, and weeds.

– Left over foods or fruits/vegetable peelings, scraps

– Wood ashes, lime

– Animal manure

Remove from your composing:

– plastic materials, glass, metals

– diseased plants or parts of plants that are diseased


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