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MP3 is the choice format for audio not because of quality but because of size issue. Compared to high fidelity audio formats using MP3 format would save you about 90% hard disk space. The quality is almost comparable with the original audio. This is way most audio player is compatible with MP3 format.

The word MP3 is also one of the most searched word in the net. This is to show that music is really a universal language sort of thing.

There is a lot of so called MP3 downloading site but most of them is not safe and also not free.

I have found a site on which you could play and also download mp3 for free if you are using internet explorer.

Just type the title of the song and seeqpod will find it for you. If it found the link just right click and choose “save as”. And that’s it. You have now downloaded a free mp3.

Please, if you love the song and the artist by the original cd…

Still nothing beats the original.

This is for educational purpose only…

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