Modified Method of Charcoal Production

Modified Method of Charcoal Production


The highest form of charcoal comes from wood or coconut shell burned under controlled air.

About 75% of energy we use comes from wood and charcoal fuel.

The customary or usual method of charcoal making was to answer the needs of barrio people

and to lessen the problem of forest denudation.

There are many types of charcoal making, the easiest is the use of excavation or pit and use

of drum. The principle of charcoal making is by heating the wood or coconut shell until dried

leaving only the carbon. This can be done by burning slowly under controlled air. If it is not

done this way the charcoal will turn into ashes.

The best method is by burning in a low fire and the smoke circulates within the wood and

coconut shell that are being made into charcoal.


Modified Pit


Choose a place with a hard soil. Dig a hole that suits your need. No matter what size, the

bottom must be narrower than the top. The cover can be synchronized iron or any metal that

can cover the pit completely.



1. Firing starts by burning the fuel under the pit about one foot above the flooring. When the

fuel is already on fire, arrange the materials for charcoaling at about one and a half feet from

the top of the pit.

2. Cover the pit and place bamboo pipe on each side to serve as chimney. The smoke that will

be released will signify whether there is still fire or none.

3. If there is no more smoke coming from the bamboo pipe, remove it and cover the pit

completely with G.I. sheet, dry soil or sand. Let it cool.


This procedure lasts from two to three days.



Sorce: Tekno Tulong

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