Jobelle Bascug Beautiful shoplifter ng Cebu, strike again?

A few months back Jobelle Bascug was the center of attention of a lot of netizen. Her ticket to fame was her pretty face and a knocked for shoplifting. I thought that being bullied  by almost  of the entire Philippines is more than enough punishment for her and will teach her to behave but  just after a few months  she strikes back again.

According to a report by News 5 Jobelle Bascug went to a salon to pamper herself and befriended the staff of the establishment. Upon payment time she told them that she will just withdraw some cash. She left her back in the salon but she never came back. A few days later she was charged for estafa for nonpayment of a bill from a resort where she stayed for 3 days.

You can watch video below

One thought on “Jobelle Bascug Beautiful shoplifter ng Cebu, strike again?”

  1. Dapat dito ay maparusahan ng guard sa “” para magtanda. Dun sya nababagay.

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