iPhone TV Tuner

There have been a lot of china –phone with built in tv tuner flooding the market today.And this is what the iPhone is lacking. But in Japan they have solved this problem. Softbank, a Japanese Telecommunication company is launching One-SEG TV tuner add-on for iPhone.

The 1-Seg function as the tuner and once it received the terrestrial signal it will then send it to the iPhone by means of WiFi. So, there is no physical attachment between the two gadget.You can put the tuner in your purse or bag and watch tv from you iPhone.

The 1-Seg tv tuner also served as a reserved battery for the iPhone. Although, the !-seg tv tuner for iPhone will only work in Japan for sure there will be similar add-on that will be available in the Philippines in the near future.

iPhone TV Tuner

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