How to Make Kropeck


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Usually the head of shrimp is considered as inedible or part of it is. So, to address this problem you could processed it and become a income generating product/hobby for you.

Raw materials:
1 kilo shrimp heads (blanched)
½ kilo rice
2 tbsp. salt
1 tbsp. vetsin
5 tbsp. limewater (prepared by dissolving 1 tbsp. lime in 1 cup water)
pinch of black pepper

1. Soak rice in water overnight. Then grind together with the shrimp heads, which were
previously blanched. The ground mixture should be very fine. Mix salt,
vetsin, limewater, and black pepper for flavoring.
2. Pour the mixture into a greased pan — an aluminum pie plate can serve the purpose.
Steam for two or three minutes. Then slice into desired sizes. Dry the kropeck under
the sun for one to two days until it turns brittle. Finally, fry the dried kropeck.
Source: Phil. Farmers’ Journal June 1982

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