How to know fake Versace Eros perfume from original

There are a lot of fake perfume in the market to the point that the price they are offering is almost one tenth of  the original price of the perfume. If you see this kind of perfume with a tag price which is rock bottom then the probability that it is a fake is highly possible. But how about those perfumes from online seller who is selling it for half the price or almost the same price as you see in high end malls, how could we spot whether it is a fake or not?

It is really difficult to spot a fake perfume but here in my post I would try to give some pointers on how to spot an original Versace Eros perfume by simply looking at it’s bottle and box.

Original versace eros perfume

Original versace perfume

Original versace eros perfume

Versace eros perfume original

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