How to fix Huawei b593s connection failed with error code 289

How to fix Huawei b593s connection failed with error code 289


I recently bought a second hand huawei b593s-931 on one of the seller on OLX.
According to the advertisement of the seller it is openline and can be used with globe, smart and sun cellular.
For globe it can reach LTE speed while for smart it is just 3g speed.
Included with it is an globe LTE sim.

Upon receiving the the Huawei b539s-931 i tried to use the LTE globe sim (nilagyan ko sya siyempre ng load.. alang pilosopo…) and viola…. disconnected. I cannot connect to the internet!!!

Tried my smart sim and viola!!! It is working with smart sim!!!

I bought an ordinary globe sim  in the hopes that the LTE sim is the problem but still no progress… I cannot still connect to the internet.

I log in through the GUI of my huawei b593s-931 and this is what i saw

connection failed with error code 289
huawei b593s connection failed with error code 289

There was an error in connection specifically “connection failed with error code 289”

So what i did to correct this error was to change the APN of my Huawei b593s-931 from automatic to the APN of globe.
I have manually added the APN of globe.

You can follow this procedure to repair or fix the “connection failed with error code 289”  of your Huawei b593s-931

Procedure: (remove the double quotes when inputting the required data)

1. In your web browser type in or if this doesn’t work try

huawei b593 gui
huawei b593 gui

2. Log in. in the username box type “admin” and in the password box type “admin1234” this is for
if is the one working for you in the username type “user” and password “@l03e1t3” (at-sign, capital i , zero, three, letter e, number one, letter t, number 3) and both doesn’t work then contact the seller or provider of your huawei b593s-931 for the username and password.

Huawei b593 user name dialog box
Huawei b593 user name dialog box

3. Click internet then APN management

huawei gui
huawei b593 gui

4. At the APN profile click ADD button

Huawei b593 manual APN addition
Huawei b593 manual APN addition

5 At the profile name type “myGlobeINET” and at the APN box type “” if you are  using prepaid sim. If you are a postpaid subscriber type then click submit

Huawei b593 Globe APN
Huawei b593 Globe APN

6 then click internet and then at the network connection change profile to “myGlobeINET” then click submit

Changing APN of Huawei b593
Changing APN of Huawei b593

this will solve your huawei b539s-931 “connection failed with error code 289” problem.

If you are using other network  or sim just get your internet providers’ profile name and  APN and then follow the same procedure.

If this doesn’t solve your problem then contact the seller of your Huawei B593

10 thoughts on “How to fix Huawei b593s connection failed with error code 289”

  1. How to fix Huawei b593s-22 only power light
    I have a problem with the router Huawei B593s-22, this router stop on power: half / dead
    The problem has already been reported on several forums, but could not find a solution
    I tested different solutions, but it shows Led power and no synchronization with Ethernet cable, I use a usb-rs232 serial cable
    Another problem on my device manager tells me a yellow triangle on the communication port ….. help me to find the boot pin or the boot short of this model B593s-22
    Good day and good surf while waiting for the news!

  2. I have the same problem re connection failed error code 289. Im using a globe postpaid sim and we are on a 3g area only. I tried adding manually already the globe apn but did not work also. Hope you can help me with this problem.thanks

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