Healthy Star Ham Soy Protein

Healthy Star Ham Soy Protein

There are different kinds of ham prepared .in the Philippines in various ways like Chinese style ham, American ham. quick-cured ham or sweet ham, chicken ham. rolled ham and mini chicken ham.

Lourdes S. Rivera, the Guru of Meat Processing in the Philippines. is introducing a new type of healthy ham with soy protein named star ham.

Meat material:                  

  Pork pique, boneless, skinless ground coarsely           700 gms

Pork backfat ground coarsely                                            300 gms


Curing mix:

Salt refined                             1 tablespoon

Curing salt                               ½ teaspoon

Phosphate                              1 tablespoon

Vitamin C powder                  ¼ teaspoon

Chilled water                          ½ cup (62.5 gms)

*To dissolve the above ingredients


Isolate                                    1 Tablespoon

Carageenan                            1 teaspoon

Prop Plus                                 ½ teaspoon

Chilled water                            ¼ cup


Sugar, refined                         2 ¼ tablespoon

Meat enhancer                         ½ teaspoon

Vetsin(MSG)                            ½ teaspoon  

Cinnamon powder                  1 teaspoon

Ham spice                                1 tablespoon

BF Blend                                 1 teaspoon


1. Chill meat and backfat before grinding. Grind pork and backfat using a coarse plate.

2. Measure or weigh all the ingredients. Mix meat with backfat and mix with curing mix until tacky. Add hydrated extenders little by little until well blended. Finally add the seasonings. Mix well.

3. Put this mixture in ham molder and steam for 1 hour. Cool.

4. Remove ham from mould package (pear shaped or star shaped).

5. Caramelize with brown sugar. Cool. Package.

Yield: 1.0 kg

Source: MARID, 2007, Lourdes Rivera

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