To harvest, care is important in following safety rules such as:


1. Wear boots before going into the sea to protect your feet from the sharp stones and spiny

shellfish at sea bottom. Also wear long sleeves to protect yourself from the sun.


2. Don’t go out to far from the shore because when the tide is low, there are seaweeds near

the shore that you can harvest. It is dangerous to go out far in the middle of the sea, and it is

necessary to have a net and tools for pulling the seaweeds


3. Seaweeds cling to big rocks. Be careful because these rocks are slippery.


4. It is also good to gather seaweeds along the rocks and caves by the shores.


5. The lower the tide, the easier it is to gather seaweeds. Thus, it is good to know when it will

be low tide in your place.


6. Bring along pail or bag, hammer and knife. If you wish to go deeper areas, wear a diving

mask and feet protector for swimming.


7. After harvesting seaweeds, wash these immediately in running water.


Seaweeds may be sold fresh. Store in a container with seawater or dry in the sun.


From: Philippines Farmer’s Journal

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