Gatas gatas

Gatas gatas

Scientific names:

Euphorbia hirta, Euphorbia capitata, euphorbia pilulifera

Other names:

Australian asthma weed, bambanilag, cats hair, bobi, bolobotonis, botonis, bugayau, butobutonisan, golandrina, magatas, malis malis, maragatas, pansi pansi, patik patik, piliak, saikan, sisiohan, snake weed, sorosoro, tababa, tiaras, tauataua, teta.



Asthma – make into cigarette or burn and inhale smoke.

Bleeding- superficial – crush leaves and apply on affected part, as local hemostatic.


Active components:

Gallic acid, quercetin, triacontane, cetyl alcohol, phytosterin, phytosterolin, jambulol, melissic, palmitic, oleic, linoliec, euphosterol.


Source; National formulary.

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