Francis Magalona and Abegail Scandal?

Francis M and Abegail Scandal?


There were pictures on the net of Francis Magalona with a certain girl. In the pictures, Francis Magalona and the girl are sweet together. When I said sweet they are kissing on the cheek and in some picture they are embracing each other. Also included in the pictures is a close up photo of two hands with similar wedding ring.  A christening invitation from Francis and Abegail, for their child  Gaile  Francesca Rait. The said christening was held at Kawit, Cavite  last December 28, 2008.

Let us just hold our horses. Francis is a common name and the invitation would be a no bearing . What I mean is if they are really married then why is the invitation named Gaile Francesca Rait instead of Magalona?  Let’s say they are not married still the girl can use the Magalona surname as long as the father have acknowledge, isn’t it? I am not sure but I think they have different wedding ring. In one picture the ring of Francis M is colored gold while the girl is silver, I’m not sure whether it is just because of the camera flash/effect.



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  1. the set of photos are true and it’s not edited, but don’t put the blame on ms. abegail.. FM decided to love her so as ms. abegail that’s why they are granted a daughter named francesca, if FM was alive maybe he will enjoy his baby.

  2. i feel so sorry for pia and their children. does pia know about this. if not, its just hard to deal with this kind of problem esp if u can no longer confront the person.

  3. Abby is my niece, we are living together in a compound & aside her nanny I am also taking care of her daughter,my grandchild,Gaile.We are living peacefully & happily despite of the fact that Francis Magalona, the father of my grandchild have passed away.Abby has a decent job.She can support & sustain the needs of her daughter and she’s not asking or making amendments for money, publicity or anything.The only thing wrong is that Abby fell in love with Kiko.But who are we going to blame at?Kiko came into our house pleasantly and we accepted (accepting Kiko for Abby is not that easy) him warmly because we love Abby so much.During Abby’s pregnancy, Kiko cooks for her whenever he finds a free time.I just remember last January when Kiko called Abby by phone and the loudspeaker is turned on,I intended to be heard by Kiko singing Kaleidoscope World with her daughter Gaile as she sings with me in her own childish way (of course w/out lyrics).I heard Kiko laughs aloud and said “ANG GALING NAMAN NG ANAK KO”.What a very touching & yet inspiring incident.Despite of all the pain he’s taking at that time,he still know how to laugh,and has way to be happy that is just a bit of his sufferings.When Kiko died,Abby grieved, the whole family grieved.We came in Kiko’s burial because he’s been a good man to us and that made all of us affected.
    We don’t mind whatever other people think about Abby,Kiko & Gaile.Nobody has a perfect life but everybody deserves a happy and peaceful life.And we are happy because behind all of this, we are so blessed, we have an angel and she is Gaile Francesca.She’s an innocent child who really deserves a simple, quiet and happy life.
    To those who are posting and sharing their comments on blogs over the internet, please do think about it.Are you happy with what you are doing?And will be FRANCIS MAGALONA be at peace?

  4. francis magalona is a loving good man!nothing has 2 blame for what happen,kiko fell in love with abby,abby felt d same.if francis m is still alive 4sure he continued loving abby and his doughter,hes a responsible father to his children.i’m not saying this bcoz im a fan of kiko,but thats the real thing,kiko fell in love with abby and thats natural to a normal human being.

  5. there’s no one to be blame! they both made a mistake bcoz they love each other in a wrong time, but for a lady its not impossible to fell inlove with kiko bcoz he was such a nice person and a very talented artist and the only thing is he’s married, but now he’s dead both sides are suffering from lost of their loveone and we should respect that, who are we to curse other people bcoz of their mistake? francis is a great guy bcoz he never turn his back on his responsibility like other people who will deny them, for you abby i know francism is watching you and you’re baby right now..

  6. yes DNA you might be correct that everybody deserves a happy and peaceful life, but how can you be happy if all your life of being happy with someone whom you know is already been taken. and that while you’re being happy there’s someone who’s hurtin… in life there’s a lot of option to be happy and become peaceful, it’s just the matter of choice, now everything that has been posted will really affect your precious angel, how could you explain to her in the future that she is a fruit of a forbidden love, will you just tell her that it’s not important how she made of, what important is at that time abbie and FM are happy on their wrong doing not considering the consequences that it might brought to them or even to the child.. well in that case their longing of being happy together is selfishness indeed…

  7. you even say that everybody deserves a happy and peaceful life, then why did you take that away from pia right now, considering that she and her kids will suffer in this controversy that you’ve made, what do you want to imply instead, that despite of the fact that you’re niece almost ruin pia’s family if still FM is alive, she still deserves to be happy? i don’t think so, because what ever happen, time goes by, time can heal all wounds, but the guilt will always be ramain…

  8. as far as i know, pia and francis was separated then when abby came in… when francis got sick, pia got francis back home for some reasons… e kung makacomment yung iba akala mu naman alam na alam nila stories ng life nila FM, sobrang affected and bitter ba??? LOL… chiiiiillll!!! mamaya dyan sa inyo mangyari yang mga comments nyo… kaya dapat good lang comments… :))

  9. Napakaganda ng anak ni FM kay Abegail. Hindi mo.maipagkakaila.
    Masarap siguro mahalin ng isang Francis M. Si Pia man ay may dalawa ng anak bago pa pinakasalan ni Francis M. At base sa nakalap ko na impormasyon may lalaki pala itong si Pia. Nung buhay pa si Kiko, kaya sila nagkalabuan. Nung namatay na si Kiko.
    Nakahanap agad sya ng bago. Pero patago nga lang. Dahil marami nagalit sa kanya ambilis nya kasi nakove on.

  10. Consintedora pla kyo kya nmatay agad yan wala ama KARMA yan sa immoral n magulang lalo n malandi n’yong NIece…

  11. Hala grabe sya! You don’t know behind the story gurl… makapang husga ha??perfect ka??? Cguro ikaw ang hindi masaya sa buhay?? Kaya hindi maganda lumalabas sa utak at bibig mo…. Tulog- tulog din pag may time, para mapahinga ang kapiraso mong utak, at mag mumog with anticeptic o kaya with bleach para matanggal ang anumang bacteria o virus sa bibig mo.. Toxic ka kasi gurl!

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