Dyes from Talisay

Dyes from Talisay


Black color for silk and gris for cotton.


Dye Extraction:


1. Get some 3.5 kilograms of talisay leaves.

2. Grind or pound the leaves.

3. Soak the ground leaves overnight in 50 liters water.

4. Strain and set aside the residue.

5. Boil the residue until it thickens to about 1/4 of its original weight.

6. Steam the residue until it dries and become a black residue.

7. Scrape the residue and pulverize it to about 280 grams.


Mordant Preparation

1. Boil the cloth in 70% dye (280 g dye powder and 35% ferrous sulfate mixed in 12 liters

water) for one hour; continuously stirring to get an even color.

2. Let it cool, squeeze and wash in 100 cc water with teepol.

3. Rinse well and hang to dry.


Philippine Textile Research Institute

(E. Fernandez, 1995)

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