DTC GT5 Astroid plus review

 DTC GT5 astroid plus

DTC GT5 Astroid plus

After owning a DTC GT3 astroid and loving it except for the part that watching videos in this device is not as fluid as I expected,  I recommended to a friend to buy DTC phone.

I don’t  know if she trust me that much or she is just insane but  in just a few days she bought a DTC GT5 Astroid plus, accordingly DTC GT3 is phased out or maybe the clerk mean it is out of stock. So, to compare it with my DTC GT3 i borrowed it from her. I downloaded Antutu and quick info so I could see the difference from DTC GT5  and DTC GT3

Antutu Benchmark v3.1.1

                         GT5   vs  GT3  vs  Samsung Galaxy S  

Total score      5764       3075        4228

Ram                   660       205          556

Cpu integer      754         255           630


Quick info

 Model GT5

Android 2.3.6

A2sd storage 82.12 mb

Internal storage 127 mb

System storage 295 mb

Memory  235 mb

Processor ARMv7 999.42 mhz MediaTek MT6515M

9 sensor present


What I like in DTC GT5 astroid plus is the fluid movie playback which is my problem with my DTC GT3 astroid. The camera is only 2 mp but functionality includes burst shot, panorama and smile detection.  It is a good bargain for 2,999 pesos only.

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