Drug store franchise

Drug store franchise

BOTIKA 1 is the first 24 hour Botika ng Bayan in the Philippines that offers a complete line of imported and locally sourced prescription and over-the counter, branded and generic medicines, food supplements, and medical supplies – manned by a professional, well-trained staff headed by competent licensed pharmacist.

Launched in December 2006, BOTIKA 1 is a result of private initiative to respond to the government’s invitation for private sector to actively participate in the effort to promote the availability of affordable quality pharmaceutical products to the greater masses of our people.

Under the Botika ng Bayan Program, PITC-Pharma, in close coordination with Dept. of Health (DOH) and Bureau of Food and Drug (BFAD), has provided the venue by which the private sector can join hands with government in working towards making a marked difference in uplifting our quality of life.

With the support of our valued partners in the pharmaceutical industry, BOTIKA 1 is envisioned to be a comprehensive retail/distribution network, making cost-effective high quality medicines accessible to more people.

BOTIKA 1 endeavors to bring in the 24-hour convenience factor to the formula of safe, reliable, affordable medicine, as we are geared to open our service counters in strategically located convenience stores nation-wide.

BOTIKA 1 is committed to serve through conducting regular consultations, free clinics, and medical missions. Being socially responsive to the needs of our community is our mission. Giving our customers a wide range of choices for their medical requirements is the key to our success.


To operate a profitable company that endeavors to manifest social responsibility within the community we serve.


To be the primary drugstore for generic and affordable quality medicines and the franchise of choice in the pharmaceutical industry.

Franchise information:

Franchise fee: P150, 000

Inclusive of: Trade Name, Site Approval, Training for Franchisee, Pharmacist, assistant pharmacist, cashier, sales staff, Procurement program, Marketing assistance, opening assistance, operational assistance, opening manual, research and development.

Initial Term: 5 years.

Renewal Term: 5 years

Renewal fee: 20% of initial fee/

Royalty: Php 6,000/month

Total Investment: Php 1.3 M

Required space: Minimum of 10 sqm. (location must be available upon signing to Franchise Agreement.)


For more info:

RK Franchise Consultancy
Ground Floor Minnesota Mansion,

267 Ermin Garcia, Cubao,
1109 Quezon City, Philippines
Manila (02) 912-2946, 912-2973


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