The dehydrated beef blood with a protein content of 80-82% protein has a shelf life of five (5) months when packed in polyethylene bags. They may be also be fortified with vitamins. Dehydrated beef blood could be incorporated in recipes or in the preparation of high protein biscuits, curls and others.


Raw materials:


Beef blood Equipment:



Meat grinder






Two methods of preparing dehydrated beef blood are as follows:


1. Collect beef blood in a very sanitary manner by using thoroughly clean containers and collection cups. Steam for 20 minutes, grind in a meat grinder and dry in aluminum trays at 60° C until thoroughly dry. Pulverize the dried product into powder.

2. Pass the beef blood through a grinder to break the clots, dry in aluminum trays coated with an edible wax (to prevent sticking) at 60° C for the first 2 hours, then at 55° C during the succeeding hours until thoroughly dry. Grind the dried product into powder.


Source: Technology developed by: Food and Nutrition Research Institute

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