Chinese Druggist PRC Examination

While looking on the PRC website and browsing the exam results section i was amused on what i found. On the drop down menu of the different exam result there is such an item called “Chinese Druggist” although there is no particular exam date or other additional data about it, i was curious if indeed it is a PRC exam. Looking at it carefully , maybe it is a typo error. I also found such exam name like: MajorĀ  Patron, Minor Patron and HBRL Patron.

chinese druggist
chinese druggist

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    Act No. 597 of the Philippine Commission is entitled “An Act regulating the practice of pharmacy in the Philippine Islands.”

    Section 3 , part 3
    The Board shall issue four forms of certificates of registration, as follows:

    (c) A certificate as Chinese druggist to any person twenty-one more years of age and of good habits and moral character who shall submit to the Board of Pharmaceutical Examiners a certificate from the Chinese consul to Manila that he is competent and qualified to conduct a Chinese Empire, together with such other evidence as to his fitness to conduct such a store as the Board may require.

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