Caritas Health Shield Inc text scam?

Received this text from 0933487852_:

Good day! This is Mr. Paulo Reyes, from Caritas Health Shield Inc. Makati. Please advice us if you are still interested to claim the ff:

Free family medical card

Free gift cert worth 6800

Raffle stubs for appliances showcase .

We’ve been callin and texting you but we didn’t received any feedbank from you. You need to claim and activate it today. Please inform us now, call us @ 0915253840_ and 044-309-084_. Reply is highly appreciated. Thank you so much!¬† God Bless

I have no definitive proof that this is a scam but there are signs that it is.

One sign is that¬† it is offering me a reward even if i didn’t sign for a raffle etc.

It is also trying to pursuade me to give in for the offer will be forfeited that day. Trying to confuse me good rewards + immediate response needed.

The sender said he is trying to call me but i haven’t received any call, my cellphone is open 24/7

He said he is from caritas shield makati but the number they gave is local code for bulacan.

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