Binay – The Ultimate Trapo?

After typhoon Yolanda devastated Tacloban the President insinuated that it seems that the local government didn’t do its part to protect its constituents. Vice President Binay then stated that it is not time to make the blame game… as you all know Binay and the Romualdez are allies and Aquino and the Romualdez are  enemies in politics. Although, Binay have a point here, blame game should be the last priority.

So, while  everybody now is on the relief operation and donating mode our Good Vice President presence was also felt on the field. His relief goods cannot be mistaken for someone else for his name is  printed in every sticker in the relief goods. The word” Jejomar C. Binay” is two times larger than the word “vice president.” Trucks which delivers his relief have tarpaulin’s with his face on it. According to Vice President Jejomar Binay’s camp , the relief goods was donated by a supporter and they are not the one who put the label there.

There was also an issue about the Binay candies, candies warp in orange package with the name Binay on it, as per their explanation it is the leftover candies during the last election.

2 thoughts on “Binay – The Ultimate Trapo?”

  1. This is the same strategy with other politician today. After the political ads you saw on TV, what comes next? a phraze saying ‘This ads is paid by friends of …. But, is their friends really paid the ads? Aquino is also trapo from his father mother and his relatives. Mar Roxas is also trapo ever since his lolo elected as president. Does this blog consider Grace Poe not a trapo???

  2. Cannot consider her as a TRAPO yet but she is nearing it… We have to remember the word “Traditional” which denotes a length of time in service and Grace Poe as what her detractor always throw at her is a “Newbie” in Politics….

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