Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut Shell Charcoal


There are many ways of charcoal making, but the simplest so far is the use of drum. The

method modified by the Forest Products Research and Industries Development (Los Baños)

are the following:


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Nursery Plant Pots from Coconut Coir

Nursery Plant Pots from Coconut Coir


Plants grow faster in pots made of coconut husk with coconut dust than in soil. For example,

nursery plants like:


1. Asparagus springerie – grown in coconut husk with equal amounts of dust and swine

marine had more cuttings than those planted in rice field with swine manure.


2. Anthurium – more flowers per plant.


3. Dracaena fragrans (leafy plant) – increased roots


4. Mussaendes – longer roots (with spagnum moss and coconut) during marcotting.


5. Amherstia nobilis – faster marcotting even without the use of growth hormones.



Balitang Pambukid

May 1987

Lumber from Coconut Tree

Lumber from Coconut Tree


Studies showed that wood from matured coconut trees when cut into 50 mm thick can be

used for housing and furniture materials.


To ensure that the wood does not get deformed, the lower part of the tree is cut and allowed

to dry in the air.


During summer, drying takes about 11-14 weeks and 16-17 weeks on rainy days.



Res. No. PCARR-FORD016 in

Terminal Report 1981-84




Nasubukan ng isang mananaliksik na estudyante ng Panabo Provincial High School na si Dean Cabote noon pang 1977, na ang tangkay ng dahon ng niyog ay maaari ding pagkunan ng suka. Ito’y dahil kung paanong ang nakatikom na bulaklak ng niyog ay nakukunan ng tuba dahil sa taglay niyang sustansya, gayon ding sustansya ang dumadaloy sa tangkay ng iisang puno. Ang mga ibang napagkukunan ng suka tulad ng mga prutas na matatamis ay mahal na di hamak, kung ihahambing dito.

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